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Hello, and welcome to Peach and Buck.

I started this blog in 2014 with the intentions of publishing weekly. From weekly, it became monthly. From monthly it became, eh! When I can be bothered. I am ashamed and embarrassed, as all I ever wanted to do was write. Though my love for a fluent write-up still burns somewhere deep, deep in my soul, I make the same excuses as most of us. No time. I also blame the fire for not burning hot enough. I’m shooting arrows, but they’re often missing their mark.
I apologise in advance for the frequency of my writing, but hope you admire my writing when I do publish.
I ain’t no Hemingway, and I ain’t trying to be. My writing style is, I guess, unique. I like to think I am a pretty genuine, down to Earth person, who is straight down the line. I hope that comes across in pieces such as, reviews or even my own life stories. I do not go out of my way to offend, upset or disturb anyone. This is me. This is my blog. These are my opinions. These are the versions of the story I lived, in the events I experienced.

The story behind the name…

Peach: If they’re not calling me George or G, my friends will call me Peachy. It all started back in 2007. I found the words, ‘Georgia’ and ‘Peach’ together on a cover of a movie, whilst strolling down the aisles of my local Video Ezy. (For the kids playing at home, Video Ezy is where we used to spend our weekends, browsing through a vast selection of movies and shows to borrow. Like a library, if you even know what that is. Moving along…). So, I decided to change my good ol’ MySpace (before Facebook or Instagram existed) name to ‘Georgia Peach’. This is before I found out Georgia Peach was also a porn star. Regardless, Peach or Peachy was stuck on me like gum in hair. But, I didn’t want to pull or cut it out. I slowly associated myself with a lot dance music clubs, producers and DJs, and that’s all they knew me as. Then, I produced and released my own song in 2009 with a mate, and the name was set in concrete. Produced by George Monev and Lyrics and Vocals by Georgia Peach. That’s what the back of the cover said. It became like a stage name. My Sasha Fierce to my Beyonce. Then, at the end of 2009 whilst writing for ClubsGuide.com.au under the name Georgia Peach, I met a guy who was doing his own radio show on SYN FM. HouSeductive was my next mission. With a little bit of a push I asked the shows founder, Jay Cams to let me in. He welcomed the idea of a female co-host. During our first recording, he decided Ms Peachy would be my name. That’s just the kind of guy Jay was and still is. He’ll tell you what looks, sounds and works better, and you better believe he’s right. But it eventually proved to be a game changer for me. Those in the Melbourne dance music industry now knew me as Ms Peachy, Peachy or just Peach and that was it. What even is Georgia?!

When it comes to this blog, Peach will represent my personal entries, including entries where my imagination will run wild and I feel like writing a short story, such my collection of Diary of a Dumb Girl stories.

Buck: Buck does not represent my pet male deer. I don’t actually have one, as cool as that would be. Buck actually points out my most proud physical feature; my buck teeth. I was teased about my two big front chompers as a child, but I never knew what the fuss was about. I got them, so I flaunt them. Quite literally actually. I will randomly flip my upper lip to expose them more. So, together with my nickname Peach, I’m well known for my buck teeth, too. As badly as I want braces, I will never want my buck teeth to change. I also have connected them with my love for Bugs Bunny. With our matching big front teeth and little noses, it will explain my obsession with him as a child. Now, I have at least 4-5 stuffed Bugs Bunny toys, including hours of recorded Loony Tunes episodes on VHS (the thing we used watch things before DVD). And, I won’t leave Movieworld (Gold Coast, Queensland) until I have taken a photo with him every time I go. I will find him, and I will pose with him.

In regards to the blog, Buck will represent the more hard hitting stuff. As an inspiring and potential entertainment journalist and media personality, I want to give my two cents, too. I love to review and critique. So, I will watch as many movies as I can, listen to as many artists as I can, and I will write about it!

Lastly, I am down for constructive and positive feedback, and I can be contacted through this site. You’re also welcome to search mspeachy_ on Instagram and give us a follow, and/or Peach and Buck on Facebook.
I just hope I can entertain you as much as this will be entertaining me.
Furthermore, I want to quickly thank those who thought my blog’s name was perfect. Without your support, I’d still be trying to figure out a name.

Happy reading.

Georgia GT

Updated: August 2019

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