Not going to lie. I wasn’t expecting much from this Sam Hargrave’s directed and Russo Brothers produced film. I was also worried about Chris Hemsworth being able to do anything else, other than Thor. I was so very much mistaken. This is a heck of a great ‘iso’ movie. Thank you, Netflix.

Extraction follows the story of Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a fearless man with nothing to lose, as he is assigned to rescue the son of an international crime lord. That is basically it. A very simple story line, complimented by pure action, well-choreographed fighting scenes, and unpolluted storytelling.
Now, let me make my Chris Hemsworth comment from earlier, clear. Yes, I have the biggest crush on him and may be a little obsessed with him. But I don’t rate him as an actor. That spots been filled by Tom Hanks in my books. I also absolutely despise the idea of Hemsworth doing any accent, other than Australian. Well, his Thor accent is alright. So, I was so happy that the decision was made to make him a pure Aussie. What also really made me raise my eyebrows was his next level performance. Hemsworth is not only an action god in this, trading hammers for guns, his delivery was something to admire. And may I add, move over John Wick.
The next feature in this film that gives it top points, is the lack of CGI and the incredible camera work. We need to give it up for Sam Hargrave. That’s all on him. I often felt like I was in the middle of a mission in Call of Duty, but this time, I managed more than two kills. The hands-on camera technique by Hargrave has got to be award winning in every category. It’s so exciting to watch.
Extraction is a movie you’ll need to follow with a calmer one. Adrenalin pumps for some time after and let me be real, day dreams of a sweaty and dirty Chris Hemsworth are inevitable thereafter. It’s a simple storyline done very well, and if you haven’t been one of the many millions making this a top rating Netflix original, then get on board, ladies and gentlemen.

Rating: 4/5