Isn’t It Romantic is a cliché within a cliché. It’s one of those really good bad movies. Or, really bad good movies, however you see it. You’re either going to have fun watching this and forget about the technicalities, or you’re going to roll your eyes all the way back into a different dimension. I, myself, am pretty sure I entered the same world Homer Simpson did when he walked into his living room wall.

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is an architect who has had enough of the dating scene. She has completely lost her faith in love and cringes at the idea of ‘forever after’. Upon being robbed, she hits her head so hard that she wakes up in a universe where she is in a romantic-comedy and everything falls perfectly into place like a movie.It’s funny (not the film, the thought) that the very thing that she hates; the cliché love story, is exactly how this film goes. It’s very predictable and follows the same narrative as any other romantic-comedy you can think of. Girl meets guy, he’s not the one, the other guy who is ‘just friends’ is, then ends up getting that guy she should have been with. I don’t believe the creators here were trying to not make it a typical romantic comedy.
I didn’t find it overly funny. There was one bit where she mentions her Fitbit, that she wasn’t actually wearing which was hilarious. I laughed a quite inappropriate amount to that. And as an Australian, listening to Aussies speaking, I hated the pronunciation of ‘pecans’. That’s not how we say it!

Anyway, overall Isn’t It Romantic is either something you’re really going to be into, or something you have no intentions of watching again. You decide. But this critic says, watch something else, unless you are in desperate need for something that requires absolutely no effort whatsoever to think.

Rating: 2/5