If you need some encouragement to live every moment, and make the most of your time here on Earth, watch Soul. This is one of those unique concepts I, personally have never come across, in film. It’s the type of film that, because of its idea, you get into a trance and you probably don’t blink whilst you watch it.

This clever little Pixar film follows Joe (Jamie Foxx), a middle school band teacher whose passion for jazz has fizzled because he just can’t seem to get that break he longed for in the industry. When an opportunity finally does comes along, his sudden “death”, transfers his soul to a world a physical being can only imagine would exist. Doing everything he can to get back to Earth so that he can get to this dream gig he finally obtained, he meets 22 (Tina Fey) who in her own words is “nobody”. 22 is a soul who has yet to be assigned somebody on Earth. That is because she just doesn’t want to be anybody. When a way to get back to the physical world arises, the impatient and desperate Joe forces his soul and 22 into the wrong bodies. Joe’s soul is in a therapy cat that has been assisting with Joe’s physical self’s therapy, and 22 has found herself in the body of Joe himself. They are then on an adventure to try and reverse it. The rest is a journey you have to go on.

I truly fell in love with this film. Even cried a little at the end. It’s just one of those movies that has so much meaning and is so thoughtful that it may make you re-evaluate aspects of your life. Are you truly living, or are you just trotting along through life?
Bit of a spoiler ahead… The only thing that I really wish would be included, though I get why it doesn’t get mentioned, and this could just be my own curiosity, is knowing where 22 went in the end. I also would have liked to know who Lisa (Joe’s suspected love interest) is, since he returns to Earth after all. I can see a sequel which maybe includes the tale of the soul of their child. Just saying… That’ll all make sense when you watch it.
If this film doesn’t move you, inspire you, make you change your life, even an inch, you must be missing your soul. Pun, totally intended.

Rating: 5/5