Netflix has definitely been a good friend during lockdown/maternity leave. It’s constantly bringing something out to help with the boredom. The Old Guard was one of those flicks to help consume some time, and it was impressive by just its trailer – so, on it went.

The Old Guard centres around a group of people with one thing in common: Immortality. They have lived during some of the most eventful times in history, fighting war and battles that shaped and changed the world. This group of four, led by Andy (Charlize Theron) have one real purpose, and that’s to do good. When they do, the families of those they save, go on to do amazing things in the future. During the film they also stumble across a new recruit, Nile (Kiki Layne) who is only just discovering her ability to come back from the dead. Andy and the three others she has been traveling in time with, whilst collecting their new recruit, also face an enemy who wants nothing but to capture and experiment with them, trying to figure out what is in their bodies they can use to make breakthroughs in science.
To start with, I am very fascinated by this idea, not knowing previously that this is actually a tale told originally via comic books, until my husband told me so. It’s definitely an entertaining film, but I cannot help, but wonder how much better it would be as a series. Even just a limited series.

Just like the immortals themselves, we have no idea how they got their immortality. We barely know anything about their past. There’s also a hint of another character Andy once knew, who disappeared. By the looks of things, we most likely will see more about that when the second film comes along. Oh, by the way, spoiler alert: the ending does leave it open for a second film. And though they are continuing the story, it just gave way too many TV show vibes. These characters have a lot of history, literally, so expanding in more detail and spreading it into episodes instead of films, I feel would work so much better.

Honestly, that’s the only real issue I had with the film. Action scenes are fluent with well-choreographed fighting, worthy of admiring. The thrill of being caught by the villain is adrenaline pumping and keeps your interest. It is disappointing that we don’t get as many answers in regards to how and when this power happened to them, and that’s the other reason you feel the hook pierce in, because you’re expecting to find out, but you don’t. But the rest does its job. Side note: we can’t forget to mention that Theron is as bad-ass as usual.
The Old Guard is definitely a great iso film. It would have been an even better series, but I’ll forgive and slightly forget.

Rating: 4/5