Sia isn’t one to do a lot of touring or live performing and when she does, she isn’t the one to focus on.
That’s a lot of what I expected going into this concert at AAMI Park. The few live performances we have seen from her at award ceremonies or special appearances, she has allowed her music to speak for itself and given the stage to the art of music and dance alone, while still being able to showcase her unique vocal abilities, while standing in one spot for the duration of a song. If anybody was expecting anything more from her, they only have themselves to blame for buying tickets to this show. Sia isn’t the type to wear a skimpy outfit and twerk. She doesn’t dance. She is a singer, a producer and song writer first and foremost.

The Australian born talent did exactly what should have been expected from her. She stood on the side of the stage with her black and white wig covering her face and giant bow on top, while a platform was set for contemporary dancers, both young and old to take center stage. Hit after hit was sung and the dancers did all the performing. They were beautifully in-sync with the prerecorded footage that was being blasters on the two giant screens hanging over either side of the stage. Kristen Wiig, Paul Dano and Sia’s personal dancer, Maddie from Dance Moms made appearances on the screen, but I haven’t done enough research to check if it was them on the stage too, as I was sitting wait too far to know better. Something tells me it wasn’t, but still very awesomely done by whoever was on that stage.
siamaddiesiaperfOne of the highlights of the night was the broken down version of the usual big dance number, Titanium. The contemporary dancers performed beautifully with giant bunny heads on. Instead of ending the song with the lyrics ‘I am titanium’, she replaced them with, ‘I am Australian’ and the crowd roared in pride. Chandelier was the other big viber having the crowd screaming from excitement as soon as the first note hit. And rightfully so. It was this hit and the one in a million video that really set Sia up for big time glory. It even did big things for Sia’s main attraction, Maddie who has appeared in mainly every video after.

I loved this concert, but I think I would have loved it more had it been in a more intimate setting. The arts centre or a smaller venue like the Forum would have really made this sort of show more appreciated by those who were expecting Sia to move. It was all about the dancers, the music itself and just overall the visual aspect with the sound of Sia’s creations in the background. If you’re truly a music lover, you would have really appreciated what this show stood for, and how Sia’s main focus was for the audience to concentrate on the art only.
siastageConsidering everything she has been through to get to world tour level, and how wonderful this show was, I’d like to give Sia, live at AAMI Park in Melbourne a 4 out of 5.