I am one episode in Bridgerton and it’s a bit ‘meh’, guys. Nothing to go crazy over. The last few minutes get the story to the point but the lead up, well, it sort of sucked.

To be frankly honest, I felt confused the entire time. Other than the historical inaccuracies (I’ll have to double check that actually but it seems about right) and the modern music in classical form like Thank You, Next, it just didn’t seem like it was lining up to anything, and if it wasn’t for those last minutes, and the fact that the world is raving on about this show, I would have stopped there.
Bridgerton takes place in the early 1800’s, where all these royal folks are trying to marry off their daughters. It is pleasantly narrated by Lady Whistledown (voiced by the one and only, Julie Andrews), who seems to be the towns journalist, or more like the town gossiper. Like Cinderella, there are ugly sisters that get no attention, but there’s also the overprotective and very horny brothers that ensure their little sisters don’t get married off at all. Right at the end, the world’s new heartthrob, and Duke of Hastings, Simon (Rege-Jean Page) who never wants to marry, together with Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) who’s brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) has made her basically ineligible, come together in the end and form a plan to apparently marry, so that he can remain “unavailable” and she can become “desirable”.
I think I got it right. I question it because, I don’t know if it was that boring that I wasn’t completely paying attention to the plot, or it legitimately was not constructed strongly enough. You judge.
Anyway… Long story short, so far this sucks, but the world really likes it and I’m easily influenced by popular culture, so I shall continue and hopefully I too, will love it. It’s also very obvious that these two end up together in the end, no? Seems like the typical theme of, they hate each other and give it to each other the whole time, but then that banter becomes love.
By the way, he’s not THAT hot girls. Like I get it, but not my cup of tea. Alright. Off I go. Episode two…