I’m one episode in of Mindhunter and I’m just going to use a cliché and say, I’m hooked.

Yes, I am one of those white girls from the memes about being excited about new serial killer stuff on Netflix. Mindhunter has literally been on my Netflix list for a good year and I’m so stupid to have waited this long to watch it. I blame all those documentaries that keep coming up, for taking up my time. Also, I predicted that I needed to be in a particular mindset to comprehend the story I was about to be introduced to; not one I haven’t thought about myself, or one I haven’t done my own research on. I’m super keen on the subject of whether a criminal, slash murderer is made, or born. It’s actually one of my favourite subjects. If I had the brain capacity for science, or was more emotionally detached (I say loosely) to join an organisation like this one in the FBI, I probably would have studied something like psychology/criminal phycology, because I find it fascinating how an individual can become so evil. Or perhaps I am quick to judge their upbringing, and rather I should suggest that there’s something in their DNA at birth. I like to think my life experience has brought me to this matter of thought, having to deal with someone whom, as I grow older, believe suffers from a chemical imbalance. But my whole life I thought, what if something along the way made this person the toxic type that they are?
Anyway, enough about my own theories on life.

We follow Holden Ford’s (Jonathan Groff) journey of wanting to explore other theories around the idea of what motivates a crime using cases of the FBI’s. He announces the idea of using anthropology, sociology and of course, psychology to determine how, why and what makes a person become, well, a psycho. Together with Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), we discover that this is the ‘based on true events’ story that gave birth to the term ‘serial killer’.
The dialogue is simple enough to understand such a complex part of society, which in the 70’s was something almost laughable by a great organisation as the FBI; being so laughable that this small team of investigators weren’t given many resources to start with. Being the 70’s, the FBI was dealing with the likes of David Berkowitz/Son of Sam, and Ted Bundy himself, who changed everything about how crime is investigated.
From what I gather, we will follow Ford’s drive to change the way detectives gather their evidence, obtain their knowledge and ultimately, come to the conclusions of the crimes they try to solve. His speed humps will be sceptics, as seen in this very first episode.
The background is that this show is based around real people, and events that truly did happen. This is always an attractive trait in a show. Considering Mindhunter is based on one of my favourite things to talk, watch and read about, I definitely don’t believe I should be watching this half-arsed. Lots of concentration will be required. But I’m excited. This is definitely my type of stuff!