I’m one episode in of Narcos and this smooth and slick pilot has easily made me keen to continue this binge journey. With 10 episodes in each of the three season, if they are all as interesting as this first episode, I should smash this out in a couple a days. And yes, that’s with a newborn. They do sleep a lot at the start, they say.

Narcos takes place in the peak era of Pablo Escobar’s million dollar cocaine empire. Narrated by DEA officer, Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), with the help of his cool and very natural and casual story-telling voice, the story in this first episode is all about the beginning of Escobar’s business; how he did it, where he did it and what he was willing to do, and who he was willing to pay to make it happen. Murphy’s own story is also woven through the drug lords adventures. This could easily mean that, though the two have yet to come together, their stories will eventually create the knot at the end when they meet.
I thought I may have had an issue with a lot of subtitle reading. There is plenty of Spanish being spoken, and I absolutely hate subtitles. I just feel like I might miss something because my focus has to be on the bottom of the screen. But, I don’t find it annoying… yet.Like I said, smooth and slick. And to add another word that describes the show you too may feel very invested in, charming; all the things that make up this first episode and what I believe will be the style to this Netflix show. It’s almost relaxing to watch, despite all the violence, blood and of course, negative influence of drug making, trafficking and selling.

Now, excuse me while I meditate to the second episode.