I’m one episode in The Sinner and boy, are we in for a ride. It took me a while to get to this one; one that has been highly recommended to me multiple times. Nothing beats a good psychological drama with twists and turns, and I have a feeling that’s where this rollercoaster is taking us.

The Sinner centres thus far, around Cora (Jessica Biel), a married mother of one, who looks to be doing the reception work for her husband and father in-laws heating and cooling company. On paper, she’s your typical suburban mum. However, Cora seems spaced out throughout the entire first 15 minutes. You know how when you’re just too tired and everything, kind of, slows down? That’s how I felt for those first 15 minutes; wondering when the big event will happen. It could be that that was the element they were trying to give to viewer; to feel as spaced-out as Cora. And 15 minutes in, it happens. She has, assuming, a psychotic break that I can’t help but feel is caused by a traumatic part of her childhood, as seen in flashbacks throughout the episode, in what seems like a pleasant Christian home. But in my experience of watching this sort of stuff, those crucifixes on the wall don’t fool no one.

The psychotic break has caused Cora to stab a man we are meant to truly believe she has never met before. From there, the tightly tied bow is slowly being pull lose to unravel what lays in a box of theories and uncertainties about what this case is truly about, and I can’t wait to lift the lid.
Under the layer of Cora’s story, we also meet detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), who seems to be going through his own emotional trauma, constantly reminding himself of something we yet don’t understand, by fiddling with two bruised nails on his hand. I guess his story is something we’ll get to know, as well.
Slowly paced, but definitely one to keep watching, I truly believe I’ll smash The Sinner out quite quickly.