I am one episode in of WandaVision and wow! What a complete trip out. I have a feeling that Marvel’s new line of mini series’ are going to be an enormous hit, and WandaVison is a great start. If I am saying this after only one episode, then this whole new world must be worth investing every possible, baby-free moment I can get.

It’s all about those last moments on the episode that tells us the bigger picture. For those who haven’t done their research, WandaVison is based on Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen), otherwise known as Scarlet Witch, need to protect herself from becoming what the world and herself fear – a threat. She deals with her temporary dissolving, and Vision’s (Paul Bettany) permanent traumatic death in Infinity War, and her coming back to true form in Endgame, by creating alter realities, and therefore, escaping into a sitcom style world.
The two episodes Disney+ has shared with us, and what we are led to know so far, is that this current reality Wanda is constructing is of her, leading a hit 50’s comedy sitcom: her and Vision being the husband and wife that have just moved to the neighbourhood. From the fashion, to the twinkly music in the background, this thing lives and breathes 50’s. At the very end, we witness Wanda stop in her tracks, as though her trail of thought has stopped, which then also means her reality is met with a small glitch, literally.

What I feel everyone needs reminding of when watching this, is don’t view it for what is in front of you. View it for what is happening behind the scenes. It’s supposed to be a trip out for those watching it because though it’s seems like a solid 50’s sitcom, what is really happening is what makes this so interesting.I don’t know if I can deal with the idea that Disney+ will be releasing one episode at a time. I get the world has more pressing issues to deal with right now, but allow me to have this first world problem!