I really hope this proves I am not biased toward the Marvel films, as my readers might assume, since a vast amount of my reviews a predominantly for this series. But, Infinity War was a far more superior film than Endgame, and I don’t think Endgame was ‘perfect’ as reviewed by others. Shock-horror, I know. For once I am not marching with the masses. I won’t deny, I sobbed like I did for Infinity War, and Endgame still has so many good qualities. But the hype, yeah, not necessary. It’s definitely a cinema worthy film, and in order to almost complete this saga, you must watch this!

Now read on only if you don’t care for spoilers, slash you’ve seen it.

Basically, Endgame begins where the Infinity War ended. Thanos (Josh Brolin) has done exactly what he said he would and now the Avengers and co. are trying to figure out how to fix it. That is literally the plot of this film.

Plot holes were everywhere. What’s that you say? There’s always plot holes? Yeah well, I don’t often recognize, nor get disturbed by them. This time, I was left scratching my head more than once. They were small things, but enough to make me think about them again at the end of the 3 hour film.
Firstly, Nebula (Karen Gillan) shoots and kills her past self. Does that not mean that her future self no longer exists? The next one, and the more I think about this one, I could be wrong about it, but, where did Loki (Tom Hiddleston) go? From the tail-end of the first Avengers movie, he is captured, is able to obtain the tesseract after Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) allow it to slip through their fingers after just retrieving it with Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Reason I believe I could be wrong to wonder this is, this just segways into the spin off based on Loki. And again, how will that work, when Tony Stark heads even further back in time to take the tesseract after losing it in New York. These are contradicting ideas.
I haven’t bothered to read into other reviews, or theories and what not, other than coming up with my own, and listening to the ones my husband has had to share, but I have a lot of questions, more so than other times and I am not okay with that. Disappoints me almost.

As my dear friends and family know, Chris Hemsworth is my celebrity crush. He wasn’t this time. I could not take him seriously. But, the theory of him getting fat on junk and beer that my husband came up with was accurate, but so disturbing. So, when he’s funny, it suits him so well, but when he’s walking into battle with Iron Man and Captain America, with this beer belly protruding under the famous leather that is, Thor’s uniform, how do you take that seriously? Definitely feeling the plat in the beard, where he is looking more viking than ever. Another character I was unable to take seriously, is Hulk/Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo). He is now a combination of both, renaming him, Professor Hulk. It was a comedy no matter what he did or said. But, at least he looked more frightening going into battle.
Furthermore, we knew someone was going to sacrifice themselves for the soul stone and I had a feeling it was going to be one of the A6’s. I do wish I was more emotional about the sacrifice made by Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). I guess, when you are certain about something, when it happens, it does not really shock you.

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) didn’t play as much as a major role as I thought she would. It’s obvious that she wouldn’t when she clearly says ‘you won’t see me for a while.’ I couldn’t help but think, WTF. I found that there has been a great empahsis on Captain Marvel, and so her no-show until the very end was frustrating. I also found the whole, get all the ladies together to help fight through Thanos and his army, a little forced, but hey, girl power, I guess.
Side note: Shout out to OG Jarvis!

Amongst what seems like a bad review, I do want to pin point one of the most tremendously, ‘fuck yes’ moments in this film, and that’s the worthiness of Captain America and Thor’s reaction. ‘I knew it,’ we screamed with Thor as the mjolnir gravitates to Cap’s way. Definitely left a fuzzy feeling inside. The other moment worth mentioning is when Cap utters those two little words, that when they come together, create such great power. ‘Avengers Assemble.’ It is a tear jerking moment and one I believe true MCU fans have been holding their breath for.
Endgame is definitely fun, sad, entertaining and interesting. Did I sob like I did for Spider-Man when Iron Man sacrifices himself? I sure did. Was it sad to see the end of Captain America? Definitely. Am I feeling like I am for Game of Thrones that I really don’t want this era to end? I can’t stop crying. But I am excited to see where the next phase takes us, and hope it can live up to what this phase has given us. Don’t miss it while it’s in cinemas.

Rating: 4/5.