I have no idea what the critics are saying. I really don’t. I didn’t read one review going into Captain Marvel because, regardless I was watching it. However, I had heard that it was coping some flack. But here I am, making sure I don’t fall off the course. Honestly, I don’t know why it would have gotten a bad review. I liked it!

Firstly, shout out to the guys who gave Stan lee an awesome tribute. I won’t spoil it because it’s sweet and unexpected, but it’s as soon as the movie starts with the famous Marvel opening. So, don’t look away.

Captain Marvel is a good little back story to get to know the origins of the tesseract. Well, that’s a small spoiler, but getting there is the main story, so enjoy that one. This film is the origin story, of the origin story of the origin story. It’s inception, I tell ya!
Vers (Brie Larson), as we are first introduced to her as, is constantly having dreams of being put into a simulator. She dreams of a woman she has no idea of. Slowly but surely, she is forced to train and use these thoughts to get to the main initiative. However, lies come to surface, truths are hard to swallow, and memories become reality.

This film is a such a crowd pleasure. Not going to lie, Brie Larson was not my first pick. And frankly, after how Gal Gadot surprised me, Brie is still borderline for me. However, after seeing the film, it makes sense. Carol Danvers (her actual name) is still human. And Brie is able to bring this superhero back to earth. As in, though she knows and feels all this power, she’s still able to track back and be human. A bit like Gadot did as Wonder Woman. What I’m saying is that Brie was excellent. The only cringe thing to sigh over, and this is a directors choice for sure, is the slight smirk when the camera shoots straight at her face. It was eye-rolling-worthy, but I quickly forgot about it. It’s small, but a little annoying. I was also a little disappointed by the CGI when she’s lit up with all her electricity. It’s like a different actor was under the Captain Marvel suit, and I am not excusing the use of a stunt double. It seemed too fake for blockbuster standard. So again, it made me throw my head back in disappointment. The only good effects were on Jackson’s face to make him look younger, again.

I love that we finally get a look into the Avengers before the initiative even became a thing. How it got it’s name for example is one thing we find out. The plot hole however, that I am a little confused about is, Captain America. Who was first? The first film is called First Avenger, but the name, Avengers didn’t become a thing until the introduction of Captain Marvel. This might be a small miscommunication on my part.
Nick Fury (Samual L. Jackson) never gets as much screen time. But in this, he has more than enough, playing an awesome sidekick to Carol. I’m also very happy to see Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) back. Since his demise so early in the franchise, we never got to see anymore from him, and he’s been missed. So his inclusion in the film, not only expected, but very welcoming.

I really enjoyed this film, even if it was just a filler for the big war to come. I’m glad we finally have a female in this universe with her own film, that kicks serious butt, but is also very down to Earth. Shout out to the all impressive soundtrack too. Mostly female and filled with 90’s hits. Captain Marvel has its funny moments and yes, some cringe moments. It’s an overdue good story.