I’m one episode in of You, and not going to lie, this creep, Joe (Penn Badgley) has got me very intrigued. I also want to point out the fact that I totally see and agree with the humour that the title of this show comes with, when you add it to sexual innuendos such as, ‘One Episode In…’, but beside the point… The buzz was electrifying for this new Netflix original show. I usually need some more mind-tinkering baselines to really enjoy something, but the hype was there. So, I decided to jump on the band wagon.
This needs an early mention. What sets this show apart from all the rest at the moment, is the running dialogue. I am in love with that. The ongoing and live commentary about what Joe is thinking, makes me wonder if he will be likable. And, I think he will be. It’s not every day we like the villain. Well, I don’t know if he’s the villain yet, but he definitely gives the vibe and definitely is an interesting dude.

Just from episode one, I am so impressed with the writing. Being centred around a writer and a book store, the bar is high for good quality dialogue. So, if this is episode one, I wonder how much more philosophical and intelligent the writing can get.
The only hope I really have is that I’m not watching another teen drama show. Not that these guys are teens, however if they are going to be using the new age lingo, I hope it’s not distracting from the amazing dialogue I’ve heard so far. Within saying that, it is obvious that the target audience is the younger bunch.

I see myself obsessing over this by the end. Sorry, have to get to episode two!